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Off The Track

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Trekking ex-Racehorses 5330km across

Australia for mental health awareness

our mission "to make the world a little bit better"

Raising donations for mental health by

partnering with Charity: 'Freedom Youth'

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trek Details

Freedom Youth Charity

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About us

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“We’re embarking on the trek of a lifetime, aiming to be the first to trek two Ex-Racehorses , 5330km along the National Trail.”

Our mission? “To raise awareness, discussions and donations for youth mental health. By encouraging others to take things day by day, and one step at a time.”


With almost 10 years of riding experience. Steph has grown up getting lessons anyway she could and has learned from, and worked for several trainers across the world. Steph now has a full time business based near Woodford QLD as a qualified riding instructor and trainer. She fell in love with the off the track thoroughbreds whilst riding overseas and has recently trained and rehomed a handful of thoroughbreds and thoroughbred crosses.

Steph is also an advocate for mental health, along with being a big supporter for helping Ex-Racehorses find a life after racing. With no previous trek experience prior, she wants to prove that if she can challenge herself, anyone can!





Daniel is a passionate tennis coach and player based in Berwick VIC. Recently, Daniel embarked on a transformative journey to Sumatra with Edgar's Mission's Trek for Kindness, where his love for trekking intertwined with his commitment to animal welfare.

During a tennis tournament on the Sunshine Coast, fate led Daniel to Steph and her ex-racehorses, igniting a newfound passion for enriching the lives of Off-the-Track Thoroughbreds.

Inspired by their resilience and spirit, Daniel is now on a quest to further their cause, and looks forward to embracing and sharing the challenges the trek provides.

The horses

'Karmic Prodigy'

'Karmic Prodigy'

Karmic Prodigy, Steph’s newest addition to the team is a 7yr old 15.2hh bay TB gelding. He joined the FOTT family at the end of February 2024, and is currently hard at work building fitness for the upcoming trek.

Whilst both horses are technically the same age, ‘Karma’ is by far the baby of the group. Who loves to spend his paddock time teasing Future, playing and chewing anything he can get into his mouth. He definitly brings a certain lightness to the family!

'new future'

'new future'

'New Future' is a 16hh, 7yr old bay TB gelding.

Future came to Steph in late January of 2023 after most recently being raced in Hong Kong.

With 13 starts and only one win under his belt. Future has been re-trained as a show-jumper/allrounder.

He absolutely adores water, jumping and going on adventures. Future completed the first 800km, with Steph, Zsófia and Corr, of the trek at the end of 2023.

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The Details

The Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) stretches a total of 5330km along Australia’s Eastern Coast, from Cooktown (QLD) to Healesville (VIC).


And is the longest self contained trail in the world.

Estimating 7-9 total months of travel for the trek, we will be traversing some of the most remote country of rural Australia.

We will be the first to take Off The Track Thoroughbreds (OTTB's) across this trek, proving their versatility through all types of terrain and weather.

With our priority for the horses being, their safety and welfare throughout the whole trek, we are aiming to average 30/35km per day with an estimated 1-2 rest days per week

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Freedom Youth Website:

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Our partners

We are very grateful to these amazing businesses

for supporting our mission and changing lives.

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Code: Aussieequine2023


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Get Involved - email:


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How to help

Get involved and help sponsor the adventure, click the links on the left to view options / get in contact.

what we need

Sponsorship monies to help fund the 6/7 month trek, with 100% of funds going to - horse feed, horse care, gear, transport, and other direct costs of the trek.

We are incredibly grateful for any support gifted. It ALL adds together and helps to change lives.

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